What is your Purpose?

Drive your business

Start your Engines

When you know your purpose, you believe in yourself and successfully meet any challenge that you face.

Your purpose is your ‘GPS’ that guides you to keep moving forward in the most efficient way possible.

Chris Ruisi – “The Coach

Many dealerships run their business in a Purpose-Driven way by helping out those around them and the community they live in. We’ve seen endless help and assistance campaigns in response to Hurricane Sandy up here in the Northeast, but that is only a small part of what has been done over the years.

Think about what else you can do to make a big impact, or even a small one, in your local area. You’d be surprised at how many of your employees and staff will get behind you and volunteer their time to help you help others. Not only that, but they will appreciate working for such a dealership that not only helps them make money, but one that supports and cares for others when they need a hand. Remember, you spend good hard money and training time (that isn’t cheap!) to retain good employees.

Find your Purpose and help others find theirs. You are looked at as one of the community leaders. Act like it.