Small SEO is the New SEO – The Big Vendor Conundrum

Think Small for your Automotive Marketing Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Choose your marketing partner wisely

The big automotive marketing companies think big, act big, make big deals with the manufacturers. Major marketing contracts are negotiated on the manufacturers (dealership’s?) behalf and the best automotive website and marketing solutions are chosen based on some factors that occur behind closed doors without dealership involvement, intervention, or say in the matter.

However, when the big marketing company represents YOU and also ALL of your local competitors, who benefits the most? How does the Internet, Google, the manufacturer, and this big internet marketing company decide who will rank #1 on Google for "Honda New Jersey" or "Houston Honda Dealer"? You paid your money just like the other 10 guys in your market, but why is the other guy beating you in the search results when you have made the same investment, paid the same bill, to the same manufacturer or vendor?

Who will get the #1 spot? Will it be the big Chevy dealer or the little Chevy dealer who wins in Google? Is money a factor, luck, favoritism? Is it first in first on top?

Well, some of these questions can be put aside because here are some good points to ask the "big web developers" or "largest automotive marketing firms" in the US when they ask for your business…

A few questions to ask the Large automotive marketing companies:

1) How do you get me ranked higher than my competitor, when we both use the same exact site and SEO?
2) Am I allowed to choose the phrases I want to win in the search engines and if so what exactly will you do to ensure that I get there, and how much will it cost?
3) What comes for free and what is extra, regarding search engine optimization and SEO-based keywords?
4) What can I do, and what tools are at my disposal to self-manage my destiny on the Internet or has my fate already been decided when you signed the deal with

These are some tough questions that will make the big guys squirm because they really, truly have no alternative but to dodge the question or provide you with some lip service. "You’ve always been my favorite, you’re the best, we will get you #1 for what you need", etc etc". Just sign here on the dotted line… They are hoping you do not check, forget about it, or in a few months will let you know they are working on it, hoping to buy more time. Chances are good that your personal account rep will have left within 6 months anyway so all feelings of the sweet whisperings will slowly turn into a feeling of rage.

The Benefits of a smaller automotive marketing company are large:

1) We serve you, the client and do not have major conflicts of interest like the 500 pound gorillas do.
2) We can hand-craft a marketing plan that matches your exact needs to sell the cars you want to sell.
3) We move fast, have no red tape to cut through, and are on the forefront of the most current marketing techniques because we use them for ourselves. We talk the talk and walk the walk.
4) We do not have to cater to the manufacturers and limit your website, microsites, pay per click marketing, or automotive Search engine optimization to specific demands (unless co-op is involved of course)

Picture yourself for a moment inside a supermarket, in front of the ice cream freezer. There are 40 choices but the flavor is only vanilla. Who determines which vanilla ice cream container is placed in front? When you choose a major automotive web site marketer who also handles 39 other dealers in your DMA, what is the likelihood that you will be the ice cream in the front of the freezer?