Media Tools – Google

Today Google released a page filled with all of their Media Tools, including Google Analytics, Detailed keyword research information, API access, as well as more tools and services including Engage, Documentation, Maps, Charts, Surveys and Trends. Google Media Tools serves as a centralized repository for Google’s various media products, covering gathering & organizing (e.g. Search, Trends […]

Car Dealer WordPress Theme – Automotive Marketing and Advertising

Automated Dealer WordPress Sites

The Automotive Website Technology for car dealers has just become a lot hotter!     Purpose Automotive Marketing now offers WordPress designed sites. With stiff competition of many vendors jockeying for position and negotiating for manufacturer or factory deals, WordPress dealer sites have been under development. The regular features of the World’s most popular Content Management system far surpasses […]

What is your Purpose?

When you know your purpose, you believe in yourself and successfully meet any challenge that you face. Your purpose is your ‘GPS’ that guides you to keep moving forward in the most efficient way possible. Chris Ruisi – “The Coach Many dealerships run their business in a Purpose-Driven way by helping out those around them […]

Small SEO is the New SEO – The Big Vendor Conundrum


Think Small for your Automotive Marketing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) The big automotive marketing companies think big, act big, make big deals with the manufacturers. Major marketing contracts are negotiated on the manufacturers (dealership’s?) behalf and the best automotive website and marketing solutions are chosen based on some factors that occur behind closed doors without […]