Car Dealer Marketing

“Your Purpose Is To Reach Your Goal, Our Purpose Is To Help You Get There”

We offer many advertising and marketing services custom-tailored over the years to meet the fast paced demands of Car Dealers. Our experience stretches from single franchises local dealers all the way up to multi location multiple rooftop dealer groups.

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Your Business Purpose is top of mind.

What makes us different is that we measure and track results at such a deep level, that we can figure out what is working, and what is not.

This does not at all mean that we make hasty and risky decisions, in fact, we make smart calculated decisions with your bottom line in mind. In addition, you do not need to be the “new media guinea pig” or test bed to try out every new technological advance, tactic, or  technique.

Some Automotive marketing companies go by the unstated mantra “Half of everything we sell you is wrong… unfortunately, we don’t know which half.” This has become not only common knowledge but accepted practice in some dealer markets around the country. You know the account executives who always have a clear plastic bag full of papers when they come to visit. They are looking to sell you the last neat idea that some vendor mailed them, or handed them over the course of a couple Single Malts at the local Country Club. The bag man does not have your best interest in mind, he has his. You may in fact be the first dealer he has pitched this to, and he is looking for a sale. If it works and helps you sell cars, he is the hero. If it doesn’t work… there are always new pitches in the bag…

We measure results through all the tools that are at our disposal. We track and record calls, email opens and reads and clicks, form submissions, landing page performance, coupon validation, and so much more. We can actually tell you which keywords in Google are actually turning into phone calls. Social media reporting. Yeah, we do that too. Whatever works and impacts your bottom line. Did it make the phone ring? Did it sell cars? How many and for what investment?

As you can see, we are a different breed. There are only a few that can combine traditional automotive advertising with the modern marketing marvels that the internet marketing can bring.

If you want to see a list of different services, here are a few:

Traditional Advertising Services for Automotive to include:

TV, Radio, Outdoor, Direct Mail, Interactive

Internet Marketing Services for forward-thinking dealers include:

Optimized Website Development and Landing Pages

Search Engine Optimization

Inbound Marketing and Content Development

Search Engine Marketing and Pay Per Click services

eMail Marketing for retention and Conquest Marketing

Of course Tracking, Reporting, and Analytics.


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